5 SEO must-dos which improve your Website Traffic

Gaining the attention of the prospects and customers organically is the priority of most of the successful businesses.

Following are the techniques which will help you to accomplish your business goals of high conversions and building the long-term relationships with the customers. It grows and expands your business when the prospects become your loyal customers.


Focus on your email marketing:

The trend of email marketing is increasing at a faster pace and the reason is the ultimate benefits it provides to attract, engage and persuade the audience to convert.

Email automation is another method to go higher in exposing your brand in front of the prospects and customers and help you to take next step according to the last action of your customers and manage the long list of the subscribers.


Include social media buttons on your web pages:

Social media is one of many popular and practical avenues which draw the large traffic to the website if done in the right way. Adding the buttons of reputable social media sites creates a channel between your social media profiles to your website.

When quality content is posted, it can be shared on social sites through direct clicking on these buttons.


Attract the audience with engaging visuals:

Make your audience impressed with enticing images and inspiring visual elements.

Around 65% of the visitors are engaging with the images and videos more than the text counterparts. Various studies have already shown that if you are an online retail store and added relevant images of products then your customers will be more satisfied with purchasing.


Optimize your website:

Loading speed, tags and Meta tags, web design and structure, internal linking, backlinking and the list goes on with various factors that must be optimized for the maximal performance of the website.

A website is your online sales face and represents your business to your target audience. Therefore it must be captivating in visuals with the content having a reliable and authentic tone to effectively transfer your message to the audience.


Generate valuable and informative blogs:

Blogging is really a great approach to improve the website traffic. If generate quality content and optimize the blogs for ranking, it can drive a large number of traffic within a short span of time.

Many businesses have adopted this strategy and got the desired results. Want to do the same? Then you should first write an informative and worth sharing content and optimize it for high visibility on search engines. The outcome will surely surprise you.

Maybe you did few SEO mistakes in the past. Now it’s time to correct these mistakes. With the right strategies implemented, your website will get high tangibility and traffic.


Nadkaar is a web design and SEO agency in Dubai-UAE. It renders quality services of SEO, branding, UI/UX and graphic designing too. Nadkaar is one stop solution for all your business needs as it provides you the complete package from web designing to optimization for performance which help you to run and grow business smoothly.

Article By: Nadkaar

Blog Link: 5 SEO must-dos which improve your Website Traffic


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